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“Our system of education has three aspects. It leads to the development of the mind, the body, and the soul.”


With our activities, young children develop physical, social, intellectual, emotional and creative abilities.

Nutrition Standards

We have an in-house cook who prepares lunch and two snacks for every child daily. We believe in building healthy children here at Step Above.

Full Time Only 

The full-time care program has been designed to provide a comfortable and safe facility for children while parents are at their workplaces.


Dramatic Play, Language and Art

Art activities foster sharp fine motor skills and cognitive development, language skills and an interest in communication.

Outdoor Play

Weather permitting, outdoor play is an every day activity at Step Above, allowing children to enjoy the natural environment, exercise, fresh air and activity.

Nature and Science

Children are naturally inquisitive and we strive to stoke their curiosity in the world around them.

Rest and Quiet Time

Nap time is as important for cognitive and physical development in children as any other daily activity. It is an every day activity at Step Above. 

Construction and


When children manipulate their environment to create things, they engage in constructive play. This activity promotes a healthy imagination, problem-solving skills and self-esteem.

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